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Parent Curriculum Planners 

Each term, before the children embark on their learning in a new topic, we send home a Parent Curriculum Planner explaining for parents and carers the learning opportunities across the curriculum that each child will receive. Teachers select and suggest useful websites and places to visit which will enhance and prepare the child for the topic they are about to start. There are also useful dates and a bank of topic words that families may choose to talk through with their children. 

Parent Curriculum Planner Autumn Term 2023


Whole School Curriculum plan 2022/2023

National Primary Curriculum


 Promoting Language at Home


Parent Workshop Presentationsplease click on the blue links below to open the presentation 

Parent Information Meeting Presentation September 2023
Phonics and Early Reading in Foundation Stage and Keystage One
Supporting Developing Reading and Comprehension
EYFS Maths Presentation.
Growth Mindset
End of Year Expectations Reception


 Please see below some useful websites to assist with your child's learning.

Purple Mash Information Guides
Information Letter to Parents

Guide to accessing Home Learning Tasks on Purple Mash:


Guide to uploading work on Purple Mash:


Website and curriculum links Website address

Oxford owl

Maths and phonics



Which activity/game will you choose?

Parents: Ditties sheet – we use ditties in phonics. They are very short stories which help children as they begin to read. Ideally, we read a ditty 3 times. First time, the children tend to use their Fred talk to sound out the words. Second time, Fred in their head (sound out in their head and just read the word aloud). This helps to read with more fluency. Third time, try to add expression. These are very short ones so you may get through a couple a day.

Geraldine the giraffe on youtube


Join Geraldine to learn/refresh our sounds. Can you be like Geraldine and find things around your house starting with the given sound? Can you make a list of the items you find? Remember to use your Fred talk! Challenge yourself to write a sentence (I found a chair in the kitchen/I found an apple in the fruit bowl.)

Parents: use the list of sounds from parents evening to check whether the sounds are set 1 or 2

Read Write Inc

Information for parents

Parents: This website has lots of useful information, resources and guidance. Remember you can turn phonics into a game by playing I-spy, hangman (we play this differently at school – “Guess my word” by drawing a flower), Fred’s fridge (use Fred talk to say items you might find in a fridge – j-a-m, m-i-l-k, b-u-tt-er, e-g-g-s. You could adapt this game to something else – Fred’s picnic, toy box, holiday)


Read Write Inc



Can you show you mum/dad how good you are at phonics? Remember my turn, your turn.

Parents: This is a great opportunity for your child to continue receiving phonics lessons that are appropriate to their current stage. These videos reflect how we teach phonics at school so your child will be familiar with the structure.

Top marks


Which game will you choose?

Parents: Click on the parents’ resource’s link on this page for some useful guidance and activity ideas.

Spread the happiness

Physical development (fine motor skills)

Take your fingers to the dough disco! Teach your mum/dad/brother/sister. What shapes can you make with your dough? Make up some new moves! Can you write them down to teach other people?

Edinburgh zoo live cam

Understanding of the World


Draw and write about your favourite animal. What does it eat? Where does it live? What does it like to do? Have you ever seen this animal before – where?


Chester zoo activities

Understanding of the World

Expressive arts and design

Which activity will you choose?




Can you match the initial sounds to the pictures? 

Click on the correct number of balloons. Watch out, they move fast!

Primary games arena


Can you find the rhyming words by clicking on the bees? Can you think of any other rhyming words? Challenge yourself to write a list of rhyming words.

Early Learning HQ


Read the question, work out the answer by counting the pictures then click on the answer at the top. How many? Make sure you count each picture once.


Storyline online/Audible/World of David Walliams/Cbeebies bedtime stories

Literacy, Communication and Language

Which story would you like to listen to? Could you write your own story – will you be the illustrator as well as the author? What will your story be about? Who is the main character? Where is the story set? What will happen at the beginning, middle/end?

PE with Joe Wicks/Jumpstart Jonny

Physical development

Remember to stay active! Miss Freeland and Mrs Kordi have been doing a PE lesson everyday! Can you come up with your own routine?









































































































 Recommended Books to Read