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Extended Services (inc:Clubs)

Extended Services (also known as Partnerships and Community)

Extended Services is a key element of Barnsbury Primary School and Nursery. We aim to make an essential contribution to the life of children and parents at school by:

  • providing opportunities for children to take part in a range of enjoyable activities in a safe environment;
  • providing opportunities for children to learn new skills, achieve and take important steps to fulfilling their potential;
  • providing opportunities for earlier intervention, and provide integration of children’s services focused on the needs of both the child and their family.

For all enquiries regarding extended services please contact Natalie Fairclough on 01483 763114 or email

We provide on-site childcare from 7.30am-6pm all year round at Barnsbury Buddies. Alternatively, there are a number of local childminders that can offer childcare.

A list of registered childminders for the Woking area is available from