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Believe Persevere Succeed

Our Values, Mission and Aims

Believe, Persevere, Succeed

Our Values

At Barnsbury we aim to provide a safe, caring and friendly environment for all our pupils to allow them to learn effectively, improve their life chances and help them to maximise their potential.

Values education plays an integral role in enhancing the quality of every aspect of school life for all its pupils. In order to create a secure, caring atmosphere and an ethos of mutual trust and respect we believe that it is important to foster a climate of understanding, acceptance and encouragement within the school where each child’s worth is acknowledged and valued.

The school embraces the Values Education which it delivers. This encompasses all interactions in school, between pupils and staff, among staff and among pupils. We aim for our Values to show through everything that is said and done in school. Via a two year cycle, the school focuses on a monthly Value which is explored via assemblies, class reflection, PSHE lessons and circle time. Our values are:

  • Year 1 2020/2021: Respect, Appreciation, Friendship, Honesty, Tolerance, Determination
  • Year 2 2021/2022: Peace, Thoughtfulness, Cooperation (unity), Happiness, Perseverance, Courage

The school strives to live the Values based curriculum programme which it delivers. This encompasses all aspects of teaching and learning in school but particularly focuses on PSHE, RE and through development of ‘growth mindset.’ 

At Barnsbury Primary School & Nursery the development of the “whole child” is central to our philosophy. Having analysed the needs of our pupil groups, school population and the wider Barnsbury community, we have developed a curriculum package and consistent approach to Teaching for Learning which meets our pupils’ developing needs, promotes progress, and provides good pastoral support. Our curriculum is underpinned by four key beliefs:

Mission Statement 

      Barnsbury Primary School and Nursery provides all children in our care with a high quality, values-led education through a broad and balanced curriculum. In partnership with families and our community, we create confident individuals with skills for lifelong learning.  Our safe, inclusive school provides the whole child with a wealth of learning opportunities throughout the extended school day. 

Vision  2015 - 2020

• Barnsbury aspires to become a successful academy, providing outstanding learning for 2 – 11 year olds.

•Our inclusive school will ensure all pupils make rapid progress and school averages will be above the national. 

Our values led, extended curriculum will motivate, challenge and inspire pupils to become resourceful lifelong learners. 

•Barnsbury community will work cohesively

providing opportunities for all to learn together. 

•Barnsbury will provide training and support,

modelling to others outstanding teaching and learning.


Growth Mind Set

The growth mind-set culture truly encapsulates our Believe, Persevere, Succeed motto and is helping both staff and children to consider learning in a different way. The children understand that in order to learn they must be brave and make mistakes and this allows them to tackle challenges they wouldn't have attempted before. We truly believe a fixed mind-set is a huge barrier to learning and by developing growth mind-sets at Barnsbury we will ensure children do not give up, relish a challenge, learn from mistakes and persevere until they see success.   The success of this culture is seen through attitudes in every classroom, where both children and adults challenge themselves daily to progress and learn.  Growth Mind-set is promoted through displays, assemblies, and stories.