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Dear Parents and Carers,

This month we are focusing on the value of Courage. 

We will be reflecting on the many different forms of courage, the courage to be ourselves, the courage to do the right thing, the courage to be brave when we are hurt and the importance of being brave enough to try new things and be brave enough to attempt things that are hard. We will be considering the positive effects a courageous action can have on us and the people around us. We hope that you and your family will join with us as we promote this value in school.


· Facing danger or difficulties with confidence and determination.

· Facing your fears by taking action while feeling the fear – it doesn’t mean never being afraid.

· Standing up for what you think is right.

· Being true to yourself. To live your life in a way that reflects your values e.g. honesty, respect, understanding.

Values activities to try at home with your family

· Go into the woods and climb a tree.

· Learn to do something new—swim, knit,cycle.

· Do something difficult and solve a problem or puzzle. Help someone else solve a problem or a puzzle.

· Keep at a challenge even though it is tricky.

· Teach a friend to do something new or try to do something new with your family.

· Find out about somebody in history or a sportsman who showed great courage.

· Eat a new food that you have never tried before.

· Try a new sport!

· Talk about your fears i.e. scared of the dark. How can you help yourself show courage in these situations?

· Create a list of qualities you need to show courage.

· Make a badge for somebody who has done something courageous.





Where can you show courage at school? 

Where can you show courage at home or in your Community? 

How can you help to show courage? 

If you would like any further information about our Values programme please don’t hesitate to contact me via the school office.

Sarah Mollett

PSHE/School Council Leader