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Dear Parents and Carers,

Our value this final half term is ‘Determination’. Determination is an important value to teach children and can have a lifelong impact on their future capabilities, confidence, and happiness. Teaching our little ones to persevere when things get tough and to work hard to achieve their goals and aspirations is one of the most important skills our children can learn. 

When we talk about teaching children hard work and determination, we’re talking about building their self-confidence and self-image to pursue their dreams, achieve the goals they set out to achieve, and to have the chance to continuing to “stay the course” even when something is difficult.

At school, we will reflect on the lesson we can learn from the role models in our lives and consider how famous people, scientists, athletes and other sportsmen and women have achieved their goals through this value. We will think about what it means in our own lives and how we can show determination in all that we do.

In assemblies and in class children will:

· Reflect on how others have shown determination and what this has enabled them to achieve.

· Reflect on ways we have/can show determination in our own lives.

· Consider reasons why having determination is so important in helping us to improve in the things we do. 

We hope that you and your family will join with us as we promote this value in school.

Why don’t you try these values activities at home?

· Puzzles can be frustrating. Invite your children to solve one, but don’t let them give up!

· Give the child a cookie and tell them to put it on their forehead. In order to eat the cookie they have to get it in their mouth from their forehead without touching the cookie. If the cookie falls on the floor, they have to try again. Encourage the child to keep trying until they eat the cookie!

· Take part in a new activity or sport. It may be difficult at first and some children may want to quit right away. Use this to teach children the importance of commitment and determination. It will get easier in time.

· Praise them lavishly, act surprised at their accomplishments, and recognize even a hint of determination.

· Physical activity is always good for determination. No goal was ever met without a little sweat.

· Talk about things you work hard at- Talk to your kids about something that happened to you today where you thought about giving up but decided to try again instead. Tell him or her about a mistake you made and how you problem-solved to create a better outcome. Tell your child about something that was really difficult that you accomplished. Encourage your children to talk to you about things in their life that they work hard at, too! These conversations help fuel the thought processes behind hard work and determination.

· Room Cleaning Olympics challenge – Teach them a little creativity and determination by turning a chore into a fun game with basketball dirty laundry, a clothes folding contest, and by timing him or her to make the bed. Sometimes a quick joke or giggle can give your child the boost he or she needs to persevere.