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Dear Parents and Carers, 

  • Our value this half term is ‘Tolerance’.

    Tolerance refers to an attitude of openness and respect for the differences that exist among people. It can also be applied to gender, people with physical and intellectual disabilities, and other differences, too. Tolerance means respecting and learning from others, valuing differences, bridging cultural gaps, rejecting unfair stereotypes, discovering common ground, and creating new bonds. Tolerance, in many ways, is the opposite of prejudice.


    It is also important to teach children that tolerance does not mean all behaviours have to be accepted. Behaviours that disrespect or hurt others, like being mean or bullying, or behaviours that break social rules, like lying or stealing, should not be tolerated. Tolerance is about accepting people for who they are — not about accepting bad behaviour. Tolerance also means treating others the way you would like to be treated.

    We hope that you and your family will join with us as we promote this value in school.




    · Peace is the goal, tolerance is the method.

    · Tolerance is mutual respect through mutual understanding.

    · The seeds of intolerance are fear and ignorance.

    · The seed of tolerance, love, is watered by compassion and care.

    · Those who know how to appreciate the good in people and situations have tolerance.

    · To tolerate life’s inconveniences is to let go.

    Why don’t you try these values activities at home?

    Watch programs, films, stories and games that value differences. The media has a powerful ability to shape attitudes. Talk about how people in the programs are different and the same.

    Value the differences within your own family. Accept the qualities each member possesses regardless of differing styles, interests and abilities. Help your children feel valued for who they are too.

    Involve your children in situations where diversity is present. This may be at sport, school, clubs and camps.

    Learn together about other cultures and traditions. Explore how different cultures celebrate occasions in their own special way and go about life. Talk about it and appreciate the experience.

    Make gifts for relatives and friends. It may be for a birthday, holiday, or simply because you like them. Encourage your child to send a card to a classmate who is out sick.