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Barnsbury Buddies/ Camp Martial X

Little Buddies out of hours care Reception to Year 2

Buddies offers quality out-of-hours care to pupils of Barnsbury Primary School in years Reception to Year 2. As part of our care, we support the Values led education provided by Barnsbury School, encouraging the children to show their values and model desire behaviour eg. patience, honesty and friendship, at play

We are registered with Ofsted and managed by Governors of Barnsbury Primary School & Nursery, with a fully qualified manager responsible for day to-day care.

The club aims to provide children with a fun and nurturing environment in which they can socialise with their peers as they would at home after a school day. There are facilities for indoor and outdoor play, plus board, team and card games, craft, and reading corner, construction kits and many other activities.

Come and Join the fun!

Safe and Secure

Children attending from Barnsbury Primary School and Nursery are escorted to and from buddies and must be collected by a known person at the end of the session.  Children are only allowed to be collected by a known person at the end of the session. Our registration form asks for full details of the child’s carers, medical history, known allergies and emergency arrangements, as well as listing our behaviour expectations and other terms and conditions. These are all designed to help you know that your child will be safe and secure with us. 

Other Information

All snacks and soft drinks are included in the fees: We can meet any dietary requirements. We request that packed lunches are provided for holiday sessions. Outings to the cinema, play frames, parks the seaside and other venues. (additional charges may apply). 



07.30hrs - 08.30hrs £5.00 PER CHILD

15.00hrs - 18.00hrs £12.00 PER CHILD


Booking and payments must be made in advance and any cancelled sessions are chargeable unless required notice is given. Last minute bookings are always subject to availability. We accept child care vouchers.

For further details on how to register you child for Barnsbury Buddies please contact the school office, Barnsbury Primary school office 01483 763114 or email

Buddies Terms and Conditions


 Camp Martial X Years 3 to 6

At Camp Martial X, we believe in creating an environment where every child feels valued, engaged, and excited about their time with us. If your child is attending for 2 or 3 hours we provide a nutritious snack with different menu options to cater to diverse preferences, ensuring your child stays fueled and ready for fun. From multi-sports and football to arts and crafts, competitions, puzzles, and Lego, we offer a wide range of activities to suit every interest and foster holistic development. At Camp Martial X we like to be as flexible as we can as we understand the stress of last-minute childcare being such a big thing, due to this we offer ad hoc bookings meaning you can book your child on as and when, so we have got you covered! 

Wrap around care (3:05pm-4:05pm) - £7 per session

Wrap around care (3:05pm-5:05pm) - £13.15 per session

Wrap around care (3:05-6:05) - £17.50 per session 

Please note, if your child is 7 or under, and you require three hours of wrap around care, they will be allocated to Little Buddies for this final hour. 

Camp Martial X is built on the pillars of Confidence, Perseverance, and Self-Belief. Our team is dedicated to instilling these values to the children creating a positive and empowering atmosphere. Understanding the importance of fitness for children, Camp Martial X ensures the sessions not only promote physical and mental well-being but also provide a platform for making friends and having fun. We know that sport isn't for everyone so we make sure that we have plenty of other activities on offer that will still provide all the benefits that sport might including teamwork, building friendships and so much more. 

We are looking forward to getting to know your child and being part of their journey of fun and growth at Camp Martial X. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to discuss how we can best cater to your child's interests.

To book into any of our sessions, then please visit and click the Book Now button on the right-hand side. Next, select Barnsbury School as a venue, and this will bring up a window with all the activities we are holding at the school.