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Parent Planner

Parent Topic Planners

Each  term, before the children embark on their learning in a new topic, we send home a Parent Topic Planner explaining for parents and carers the learning opportunities across the curriculum that each child will receive. Teachers select and suggest useful websites and places to visit which will enhance and prepare the child for the topic they are about to start. There are also useful dates and a bank of topic words that families may choose to talk through with their children.

Each Years Parent Topic Planner can be found on the relevant Year page. 

How to use a Parent Planner.

Once you have read your child’s parent planner:

  1. Explore the websites.
  2. Look for other websites that could support their learning with specific topics.
  3. Put the important dates in your diary.
  4. Ensure you know when your child has PE.
  5. Record down when your child is given homework and when it is due in.
  6. Discuss the new topics with your child – what do they already know about this topic?
  • Could they share their knowledge with their peers?
  • Could they prepare something for show and tell about their topic? A picture, artefact, experience.

7.Discuss the topic words with your child

  • Do they know what they mean?
  • Could they define them using a dictionary?
  • Could they find similar words using a thesaurus?
  • Practice spelling their topic words.
  • Put their topic words into meaningful sentences.
  • Can your child think of any other words they might need in this topic?

8.If possible, undertake suggested visits and then encourage your child to share their experience with the class.

9.Look at the key areas of learning

  • Could you support your child further with these e.g. visit your local library and find texts of a similar genre?

10.What will your child be learning about in theme weeks?

  • Do you have expertise that you could share in school?
  • Do you know any potential visitors that could support the children’s learning in school?
  • For international week could your child share places they have been to in class?
  •  Have they eaten food/listened to music from this country? Could they share this with the class?