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World Book Day-Thursday 4th March 2021 






Dear Parents and Carers,

Next Thursday (March 4th) is World Book Day. At Barnsbury this would normally be a big event full of fun activities to celebrate books, but given our current lockdown situation this won’t be possible. Obviously, we would still like to celebrate books as much as possible.

Although we cannot run our normal book fair at school we will instead be hosting a virtual book fair. Next week video links will be sent out on Purple Mash, and will also be available on the school website, to showcase some of the books available from Usborne. There will also be links to their website so you can view the whole range of fiction and non-fiction books available. Orders will be placed with Mrs Southam, who has kindly offered to run the virtual bookfair for us. She will process your order and ensure all books are delivered to you. Early next week you will receive a digital book token (via Parentmail) which you can use with any orders. Any purchases made will mean the school receive a percentage of free books for the school library and classrooms, so please do have a look.

On Monday we will have a World Book Day assembly via Purple Mash. During this I will explain the activities to the children and also introduce 2 competitions. The first is called ‘Extreme Readers.’ For this you will need to take a photo of your child reading a book in the most bizarre place/position possible. Please send your photos to your class teacher, who will forward them to me. We will have book related prizes for the best photo in KS1 and KS2. Our second competition is called ‘Author for a day.’ The children will be asked to write a short story and send it in to their class teacher. We will give the children some visual stimulus to help if they need it, or they can be completely creative and go with their own exciting ideas. Again, there will be prizes for KS1 and KS2. Both competitions are optional. These competitions will be explained fully in the assembly and I will add a detailed explanation to the class blogs to help the children with ideas – if they need it.

As a staff we have been creating a bank of ideas for the children to enjoy next week – these are all optional. All ideas will be shared on Purple Mash and the children can choose which activities they would like to complete. Please upload any World Book Day tasks to Purple Mash so your class teacher can see what they have done and give any rewards.

For the class social  your child will be invited to join the meeting dressed up as a book character, again this is completely optional. Given our current situation, please do not feel under any pressure to produce amazing outfits – keep it simple if you can. A stripy top and woolly hat creates Wally. A green or brown top and a leaf tucked behind the ear is Stickman. If your child would rather not dress up then please don’t worry, it is all very low key and there is no pressure or expectation. Children at school next Thursday are also invited to dress up if they wish, but again it is completely optional.

I hope the children will enjoy all the activities next week and we can still celebrate the world of imagination and creativity found in reading books.

Kind regards,

Laura Gilkerson

Reading Leader 



Please click on the following links to see some Author for a day ideas and a copy of the assembly presentation.

Author for a Day ideas

World Book Day Assembly


Year group presentations and order forms for our virtual bookfair.

Early Years Presentation  Order Form 
Year 1 Presentation  Order Form 
 Year 2 Presentation  Order Form 
 Year 3 Presentation  Order Form 
 Year 4 Presentation  Order Form 
 Year 5 Presentation  Order Form 
 Year 6 Presentation  Order Form 



Click here to see ALL the amazing books (fiction and non-fiction) on the Usborne website. Remember, all purchases will help the school to receive a percentage of free books for our library and classroom bookcases. 
We are the leading UK independent publisher of children's books. Our books are available worldwide. Browse our catalogue and find out where to buy Usborne books.



























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