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Outdoor Learning Update 

We have had many visitors in to support the preparation of outdoor learning, this half term. 

In September, fifteen volunteers from Aviator hotel Farnborough came and worked in the woods. They cut down trees, cleared lots of stinging nettles and made three paths so the children can safely and    easily make their way through the woods. Many children have already benefited from this and visited the woods in their classes.

 IMG 3024

A few days later, eight volunteers from Woking Borough Council also    volunteered their time. They spent a morning cutting down branches and trees to make the pond accessible. It was a very busy morning with lots of frogs jumping around! 

Many children have also been using the sensory garden this half term. Over the summer holidays the sensory path was created and the children have been enjoying feeling the different textures underfoot. We are   incredibly grateful for all the donations raised by the PTA to make the sensory garden possible. 

If you have any spare wellington boots or old waterproof clothing the school would happily take these items to keep the children dry and a little less muddy when they are outside!


 The Circus is Coming to Town


We have had a fantastic half term learning all about the circus. We had a visit from Lucas Jet from Big Top Mania to perform and teach us some amazing circus skills. We learnt to juggle, spin plates and balance feathers.

We performed our new found skills to our parents and teachers. What a fantastic day it was.  In history we have been learning about the circus in the past.  We have been exploring Philip Astley, who was the man who      invented the circus, and we have been comparing the circus from the past to circuses now.  In English, we have been reading and writing  all about 'The Circus Ship'. We have been writing in the past tense and using adjectives and super sentence starters to make our writing even more    exciting. In DT, we have been designing our own circus tents.

We needed to make sure that our circus tent could stand up by itself by using our cutting and joining skills to help us do this. We found joining the parts of our circus tents tricky but we used our growth mindset to find a way. We have      created our wonderful circus tents and we are really proud of them and our teachers are proud of us too.  We have loved this half term in Year 2 and we are looking forward to the next half term where we will be learning all about ' Our World'.