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Year 5


Learning Objectives

Week Commencing Monday 28th September 2020


To add 2 four digit numbers with one exchange.

To add 2 four digit numbers with more than one exchange.

To add whole numbers with more than 4 digits.

To subtract two four digit numbers with one exchange.

To subtract two four digit numbers with one exchange.


To retrieve and record from an information text.

To analyse the features of an information text.

To distinguish between fact and opinion.

To use fact and opinion.

To use organisational devices effectively.

To use organisational devices effectively.


To understand that Jesus used parables to teach people truths about God.


To understand what first aid is and learn skills you might need.


How did the Ancient Greeks worship the Gods?


Read Write Inc spelling rule:

Group 1: to add the suffix er or est. If a word end in a y, we swap the y for an i before adding er or est e.g. happy = happier/happiest. Funny = funnier/funniest.


Orange words group 1: where, most, find, was, does, come


Group 2: to add the prefix auto. The prefix auto means ‘self’ or ‘own’. We just add it to the front of words without changing their spelling e.g. automobile, autobiography, autocue.

Orange words group 2: build, certain, decide, enough, famous, forward



Homework can be found on the school website under the tab "pupil zone"

Homework is set on a Wednesday and needs to be completed by the following Wednesday.



Maths: Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS)


English: The Story of Arachne differentiated comprehension. The children will receive paper copies of their homework this week.





Parent Planners 

Each term, before the children embark on their learning in a new topic, we send home a Parent Topic Planner explaining for parents and carers the learning opportunities across the curriculum that each child will receive. Teachers select and suggest useful websites and places to visit which will enhance and prepare the child for the topic they are about to start. There are also useful dates and a bank of topic words that families may choose to talk through with their children.

Year 5 Parent Planner Autumn2020


Whole School Curriculum plan 2019/20

Primary National Curriculum 


Parent Workshop Presentations, please click on the blue links below to open the presentation 

Year 5 New Academic Year Parents Information Meeting Presentation 
Supporting Developing Reading and Comprehension
Growth Mindset Presentation
Teaching Maths


Knowledge Mat 
Roman Knowledge Mat


Learning Expectations

Year 5 Spelling Expectations

Year 5 Vocabulary, Grammar & Punctuation 

English Appendix 1 

End of Year 5 Expectations 

Year 6 expectations- By the end of year 4, pupils should have memorised their multiplication tables up to and including the 12 multiplication table in year 5 they must develop their precision and fluency. 


Relationships and Sex Education Overview - Year 5



Please see below some useful websites to assist with your child's learning.  


Purple Mash Information Guides
Information Letter to Parents

Guide to accessing Home Learning Tasks on Purple Mash:


Guide to uploading work on Purple Mash:


Guide to accessing your Class Blog on Purple Mash:



Various grammar videos:

A collection of different audio to inspire and engage: - Recommendations: parents can download teacher notes if they would like to set activities for their children.



Maths: - maths challenges


Topic: – so many links on this website - the ‘discover’ tab is great and there are volcanoes which link to the eruption of Vesuvius which are interesting. - Ancient Rome. There are lots of video clips on here that children can watch. – A fantastic video about the history of the Roman Colosseum. – A virtual experience of the colosseum, parents and carers please watch first to ensure you are happy with the content. – Pompeii before and after. - need a reminder about Ancient Greece?



Joe Wicks P.E

Fitter Future:

Jump Start Johnny:

Super movers:




Islam - 








Recommended Books to Read

Timestable Rockstar

Please click here to see the Timestable Rockstar Letter

Logging into to the program at home;
 Go to or download the Timestables Rockstar App from the App store.
 You can create a bookmark or favourite for this web address.
 Go to Login (these details are in your children’s reading diaries). Once you are logged in, you will be
asked to create an Avatar and choose a rockstar name for yourself.
 You now need to choose your venue. The Garage and Arena are specifically set questions set by your
class teacher. The Festival and Studio have timestables questions randomly selected up to 12x12.
 Your child will be challenged to see how many timestables questions they can answer in a set amount of
time. As they complete challenges, they can earn Rock Status! We recommend using this programme
for 10 minutes a day.
 For more guidance and help, please see


Homework and spellings can be found in the pupil zone