Barnsbury Primary School and Nursery Barnsbury Primary School and Nursery
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Parents Information

Our Team


Nursery Lead

Mrs Kim Coleman


Learning Assistant

Mrs Sarah Preston


Learning Assistant 

Mrs Zarmeen Arbab 


Learning Assistant 

Mrs Caroline Lee


Our Day


• 8.30am- group time, story/singing/weather board/visual timetable. 

• 9:15am- Teacher led activity with older children.

 • 9:45am-10:15am- Snack time 

• 11am- Key worker time 

• 11:30am- Hand washing and getting ready for lunch 

• 1pm- Group time story/singing 

• 1:45pm-2:25pm- Snack time 

• 2:30pm- Tidy up time, audio book for end of the day. 

During the nursery day the children have access to activities that are set up, as well as the group times stated, and have free flow access to the garden.


Every morning and afternoon we have a snack bar where the children can independently, with adult support, access a healthy snack and drink. We believe it is the perfect opportunity for the children to experience lots of different fruits and vegetables and be involved with the snack bar, so we ask that you bring in a piece of fruit or vegetable for example peppers, cucumber, carrots that we can chop up and prepare for the children. We can also have breadsticks, crackers and dried fruit and the children enjoy trying the different textures. 


The curriculum is split into Prime and Specific areas of learning which are included in all the topics covered each term.

Prime areas

Personal, social and emotional development

Physical Development,

Communication and Language

Specific Areas



Knowledge and understanding of the world,

Expressive arts and design


What our parents say

Previous Parent

“ My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her time in Acorns she has particularly improved with learning her phonics and I feel she has thrived in Acorns, Thanks you!”

 Current parent

“Outstanding nursery and fantastic staff, my son has done so well and come so far, thank you!”

Current parent 

“Thank you so much, great communication with parents. The terms planners have been interesting to read too”.

 Previous Parent

“Helped the children progress very well”.

Current parent 

“Everything was perfect, thank you very much for this year!”